How to Get Your Music Heard on Spotify

Why Use A Service to Increase Spotify Plays? 

Nobody makes music without the hope that it will someday be heard by thousands, maybe even millions of other people. Today’s technology has made it possible to make studio-quality music without the need for a studio or a record label to front the cost and provide the hype needed to get your music out there. The networking, the hustle, and utilizing the internet is up to the artist to use and get their music heard.  

How Does It Work? 

This service increases the number of plays a song will have and offers artists a chance to get their songs played for relatively little cost. The lowest-priced option allows the artist to get up to 1,000 Spotify plays on one song. The highest-priced option allows the artist to get up to 500,000 Spotify plays on a minimum of 50 songs. Getting the music heard through this method will open up new listeners to your music, higher plays give the impression that the artist is established and worth hearing, and an increased presence on Spotify will translate to more opportunities to have the music streaming.  


While using this service doesn’t guarantee an artist stardom or put them on the path to winning their first Grammy award, it gives the artist exposure to an audience that may not be as easily and readily available to them. It helps future fans find the music by using Spotify to increase the music’s presence in the digital world. If a song is played more, it will be more likely to end up on shared playlists and shared among listeners. This program gives the artist the power to get their music heard by a larger audience with minimal effort.  

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